Friday, January 2, 2009

Flag Book

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2009!

In preparation for the Bookbinding Survey that I will be teaching starting next week at Space 301 in downtown Mobile, I have been furiously working away in the studio to learn a few new book forms to keep thing fresh for my students. One book I've been laboring over is the flag book form. Here is my second attempt, which turned out fairly well, all things considered. I hope that my students will enjoy this in week 2.

I used a photograph I took in New Orleans last spring of a sculpture which I love at the Sculpture Garden at the Museum of Art. I really thought that the augmentation that the flag book puts an image through would really suit this image. I was very pleased.


Lynda Smith Touart said...

Possibly I like this better than the sculpture.

Angela said...

Very nice Wayne!

Lydia said...

holy crap Wayne...that is amazing!

Anonymous said...

HI Wayne, take a look at this guy's books;
He's amazing!

machinewithnoname said...

Wayne - I'm good friends with Pinky Bass from Fairhope who originally told me about your block? Would you be interested in doing a visiting art ist stint at UAB where I teach - it pays etc and you can stay at my place - my friend Rachel Wright did it a couple of years ago- let me know if you are interested!